Talent is the most important resource for a company. High quality talent is the source of our strength in creating enterprise value, sustainable development and eternity.
        okonoff pay attention on the internal personnel training .The training within the company is the necessary means for improving the employee technical skill and identifying the company culture, then train the high quality talent who meeting with our company’s requirements. By which we can find the talent, develop talent and optimum use talent. It can be realized the win-win for the company development and personal growth .We actively introduce the senior talents, because that the utilizing of the intellectual capital is the key point for a company. Increased investment on the senior talent’s intellectual capital is indispensable for keeping continuous innovation on the company’s important links, such as the management, technology and marketing. 
        We adhere to the management concepts of the people oriented, and establish the management system, incentive mechanism and distribution system for the talents; meanwhile, we create the best work environment where the talent can perform to their maximum potential. We are creating more favorable conditions for finding, training, attractive and retaining talent. The talents are always the main force for the company’s development.